Rob & Rylan’s Grand Tour

Culture-loving Rob Rinder joins architecture fan Rylan as they follow in the footsteps of 19th century romantic poet Lord Byron and other Grand Tourists, immersing themselves in the art, culture, bad behaviour and life-changing exploits of historic Brits abroad.

Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour (w/t) follows Rob and Rylan - presenters, friends, and men who love the finer things in life - as they discover the greatest art treasures in Italy, finding out more about themselves along the way.

Together, they retrace the steps of countless English aristocrats who took the Grand Tour - the original gap year - leaving behind the confines of British society for freedom and discovery abroad. But can the Grand Tour still work its magic today?

Marking the 200th anniversary of Byron’s death, Rob and Rylan will draw from the poet’s extensive poems and letters to guide them, alongside the diaries of others who made the trip.